Coffee Maker

Tips For Choosing The Type Of Coffee Maker Depending On Your Coffee Consumption

The first question to ask yourself is: Do I want a manual espresso machine to perfect my type of coffee? A simple filter machine that provides a pot of hot coffee? Or do you enjoy the convenience of a coffee capsule machine?

There are four main types of coffee machines, each of which is adapted to different needs:

Manuzl espresso machines 

Suppose you want the maximum flexibility to create any coffee, from espresso to ristretto to cappuccino. In that case, the best option is a manual espresso machine, similar to what you see in bars and coffee shops. It is the most suitable for the most demanding with coffee. The downside is that you will have to manually grind and add the coffee, heat the milk, and repeat the process for each cup.

Super Automatic Machines

If you like the idea of ​​using coffee beans but prefer to save yourself the work of a manual machine, commercial automatic coffee machines super-automatic is the right choice, as it grinds and pours the coffee automatically. Put water and coffee beans into the machine, and you can get a shot of coffee with the push of a button, no need to clean between cups.

If your budget is more extensive, the machines include integrated milk frother containers that do the job of heating the milk to the right temperature, providing you with a cappuccino or any coffee with almost no effort.

Capsule machine

Capsule machines have the handicap that each cup is less economical than with other types of coffee makers, but the benefit is the ease, cleanliness, and speed. Each capsule contains the perfect amount of coffee, and you can buy the type of capsule with the intensity (usually classified between ten) and the flavor you like the most. For uncomplicated coffee, they are hard to beat.

Filter machine

If you want a simple coffee without much body and can make coffee for more than enough people at once, a filter machine is an excellent option. These generally require you to use ground coffee (although some have built-in grinders), but they are a good option for making coffee without the hassle.

Moka or Italian machine

For the most romantic, the Italian gives a coffee with a high level of purity, and if you manage to handle it, you can get the coffee more or less firm. You can buy ground or bean coffee and grind it yourself with a grinder, which gives you the option to choose the type of bean. Against it, you need more time to get the coffee, which is much dirtier than others. If those two handicaps are not a problem for you, you can enjoy its magical smell when leaving coffee as we did at our parents ‘and grandmothers’ homes.